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Hi there, my name is Mark. Welcome to my precious little life.

Everything posted earlier than February 2012 is generally just the contents of a typical tumblr blog. Reblogs, photos, text posts, etc. From February 2012 onwards, it's made up of original stuff. I'll use this blog to post my photography, my GIFs, and any videos I produce.

late nights. long lie ins. long hair. amazing music. long phone calls. liv. jos. emma. drawing random things. misfits. portal 1 + 2. mlp: fim. texting. final destination. grand theft auto. miles fisher. bottled water. late night skype calls. scott pilgrim. metric. eating food in class. twitter. tumblr. youtube. minecraft. friends. and happy meal(s).


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i messed with my hair and now i feel like a 90’s throwback hi

Here’s a music video I’ve been working on, on and off, for like a year and a half. I finally got around to finishing it recently. Hopefully someone out there will enjoy it~

lands end. 4/7/12.
lands end. 4/7/12.
i shouldn’t be allowed in apple stores
josie. she’s fab.

here’s a video i just put out. it’s about awkwardness. enjoy :>